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They’re just bottle caps, right? Not exactly…..

April 12, 2016

When people look at some of my up-cycled accessories, for the most part, I receive really positive feedback. Lots of "Wow! What a great idea!" "How did you do that?"/"Come up with the idea for that?" what have you. And I love that! I am not a knowledge


April 11, 2016

New stuff going on! New pieces being made, new shops being started, new colors used. Lots of experiments are coming! But first, I have to clean my studio....

Face Hugs are the Best Hugs!

March 30, 2016

We are big fans of buttons....I mean really. We love making them. We are also huge geeks. Put those two together and you get some really cool wearable fandom things happening. We have been making several button sets and the first one went up today.

Lots of exciting stuff happening!

March 16, 2016

So, tomorrow is the road trip to Wizard World Las Vegas Comic Con! This will be our first "Corporate Con" sort to speak. So very excited! We have been very busy making all kinds of new pieces and prints to bring! Like these Alice in Wonderland,

Getting ready for Phoenix Fan Fest!

November 28, 2015

WOOHOO! One of my favorite things to do after a show or a Comicon is to make more stuff to replace all that I sold. Sometimes I have a couple of months to do it, sometimes I only have a couple of weeks. This time, I only have a couple of weeks. I

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