Comicon was AWESOME!

Wow! What a weekend! Not only did we get to get our geek on, but we got to meet tons of other artists, Cosplayers, and just all round great people. Like these guys:

ursalapcc2015 bigtoublepcc2015 freddiepcc2015

I have some more that I will post tomorrow! I will however leave you with this:


Sleep tight!



I’m, like, freaking out man!

So I have about seven days left to actually finish making product for the Phoenix Comicon. I’m pretty much on schedule. Tuesday is the drop dead date. After Tuesday its all carefully packing and logistics for the booth. YAY! Does anyone else get the “You’ve totally forgotten something” or “They are all going to hate your stuff” or my personal favorite, “It’s all shit, and you are a big fake.” I know its all a mindf*ck, and the voices have gotten a wee bit quieter as of late but they are still there.

ANYWAY! We will be at the Phoenix Comicon, booth #17134, near the exhibitor manager booth, hall 6ish. Come by and say hi, or tell me a joke, or smuggle me a beer….shooters work too 😉

Here is some “in progress, not quite done yet” photos :)devilmaycaretin experiencetin loveaslongasyoulivetin secretgardentin sealingtintops pendantsprogress

Cheers! See you at Con!

Why Not?

Adjusted snakeskinSo after a few weeks of just craziness, I sat myself down in my studio and created this.
I’ve been having trouble lately letting go of things. Whether they are percieved slights (or imagined), crappy drivers, interactions with mean people, etc. Holding on to toxic thoughts and feelings plays merry hell with the creativity. Nothing you make turns out, (even after you let it rest for a night), techniques that have always worked for you, stop working and so on.
My husband gave me a new mantra: Why not?
Instead of finding reasons not to do something based on what I think might happen or what people might think, or whatever my brain fears, I should just try it to find out for myself.
I think it’s working.