Rocks and rolling ankles

I have been out of commission for the last week.  I threw my back out when I rolled my ankle on a rock during my morning walk. I am not the most graceful at the best of times, and I probably should just wear a helmet all the time.

That postponed a lot of plans I had. I was kind of angry about it until it dawned on me that I wasn’t panicking. I have a list of what I have to get accomplished for the opening of my gallery (that is happening on Monday, 7/18!), along with having everything made (kind of behind on that what with the whole being flat on my back thing), inventoried, packed, and ready to go for our next convention, SuperToyCon. That’s the first weekend in August.

The first few days, I couldn’t hardly move. And let me just say that I’m cranky when I am prevented from doing what I want to do. So what did I do while listening to Dune play in the background? I started to set up my store on my website.

I really haven’t been happy with Etsy for a while. I feel I don’t have much control over what I can do with my shop. I like to be able to tweak things. The fact that I can’t seem to link to my blog annoys the hell out of me. That coupled with the fact that unless you pay them or watch your shop like a hawk, your creations get lost in the “stuff and shosh”*.

Jonathan helped me start a shop on my blog a long time ago, then we tried Etsy. Well, we’re revisiting hosting our own store on our own website. He gave me advice and pointed me in the right direction and I stared teaching myself how to use the WooCommerce software.

Much swearing, tears, running of cats, and a few “Eureka!” moments later, I found my groove and proceeded to totally rock the building of my happy shop.

I (and my shop) will be happier when I have more products listed. I think I’ve done well so far. My goal is to upload at least one item per day. That involves taking photos, quick editing said photos, writing a bit of code, writing (at least somewhat) interesting product descriptions, and using one of the least intuitive pieces of software that I’ve come across in a long time. Having said that, once you figure it out, you think: “Of course you do it like that! It makes sense now!” You find your groove and move on.


*Thanks Cathy for the turn of phrase! :^*

The benefits of lists

I make lists all the time for Jonathan. Not to do lists, you understand, just lists. Mostly about how awesome he is or how much I love him, or all the things he does for me so that he knows how much I appreciate him.

We are doing a big clean out of the rooms in our house, getting rid of things that have been owning us. You know, the “I’m going to do something with this someday” kind of shit.

He came across one of my lists that he had kept in his studio. It is a “thank you” list for some of the things he does for me that I am thankful for. Among those items was an entry for “supporting me with my bead stuff”.

Now, this list is probably five or six years old by now. All these things on this list are still very relevant. Including that entry. What is different, however, is the “bead stuff” entry. He has successfully brow beat me so that my “bead stuff” is now Weegonza Bazaar. A legitimate avenue for us to pursue our creativity. My “bead stuff” now includes, paper craft, mixed media, silversmithing, lapidary, props, costuming, and metal work. Not to mention, more creativity in my daily life… should see my garden!

His support has made it possible for me to get up the guts to actually take the dive, and do this for real. We spent a long time watching our friends do what they loved to do while making money for themselves, working for themselves. For the longest time, I was to afraid of failing. What would I do if I failed. How would that change me in Jonathan’s eyes?

He gave me some good advice: “Fail faster. It’s the only way you’re going to learn.” I didn’t believe him at first. Now I do. I look at it like a piece of jewelry I’m designing. I spend hours designing, fiddling, and moving pieces. When I think it’s the way I want, I put it together. Then, the moment of truth…..sometimes, I hate it. So what do I do? Is there much gnashing of teeth? Tearing of hair? Wailing? Probably not. There is disappointment, yes. Frustration? Certainly. After all that, though, is relief. I can take that piece apart and either re-do it a different way or take out components that don’t work and try something different.

I look at what I’m doing now and I realize that I can apply that to everything I do everyday. I give it my best, work around problems or come up with solutions. The important part is that I love what I’m doing and I love who I’m doing it with. Me and him.

Running your own business is a good way to thicken your skin and boost your self-esteem for sure. You are responsible for what goes in and what comes out. There is no supervisor over your shoulder yammering at you about dead lines, or the company line.
Which is scary and freeing at the same time.

So, thank you Jonathan, for teaching me to fly.

Back from Phoenix Comicon and Our Next Shows

Phoenix Comicon 2016

STCLV16-510x510We would like to thank each and every one of you for coming out to see us at the Phoenix Convention Center last weekend for one of our best shows ever. The good people with the Phoenix Comicon, the Phoenix Convention Center and everyone working there have really gotten things under control and it was a really smooth process for us (and you). We met so many new people and many have subscribed here.

Announcing SuperToyCon LV 2016

Look for us at the upcoming Las Vegas Super ToyCon at The Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, August 5-7, 2016. We do not have our table number yet, but we will have 2 large tables in Artist Alley. This is our first time at this show so we are very excited to see how things go. Come on in for some awesome retro-vintage, see our new prop guns, and follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for the latest products and promos.

Upcoming Venues

Phoenix Comicon FanFest 2016

Now at the Phoenix Convention Center in Downtown Phoenix. October 22 & 23. Don’t have a table assignment yet, but we’ll have 2 tables in Artist Alley.

Tucson Comicon 2016

Our 2nd year in a row for Tucson Comicon on November 4-6, 2016 at the Tucson Convention Center in Downtown Tucson. We will also have 2 tables for this show, but won’t have our table assignment for a while.

Keep an eye out for future shows! We can’t wait to see you there!