Getting ready for Phoenix Fan Fest!

WOOHOO! One of my favorite things to do after a show or a Comicon is to make more stuff to replace all that I sold. Sometimes I have a couple of months to do it, sometimes I only have a couple of weeks. This time, I only have a couple of weeks. I had a couple of requests from customers for specific items and featured creatures. So I’ve done my best within the timeframe I had to make that happen. I find it really rewarding to see how my technique evolves along with my knowledge of color and how to

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Legos as tools!

Seriously! At my house, we are Lego nuts. The amount of Legos we have been carting around for years is almost obscene….almost. I have several focal pieces that I’ve been holding on to for a while. The problem with this is that I have one sterling silver mermaid, one river jade carved moth, one vintage lion head belt “buckle”, you get the idea. I really want to make jewelry out of them, but I don’t want to get rid of the original. Once I use it, it’s gone. My husband, who is a genius, came up an idea to make push molds made

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Boredom from repetition in 3…2…1…

I don’t know if it’s my short attention span, or the fact that I was blessed with very little patience, but I find myself three quarters of the way done with a project, getting down to the finishing bits, and I find myself becoming frustrated and even a little bored completing the pieces that just a couple of days before made me very happy. I’ve streamlined my process with the clay pieces that I’m working on now, but a single piece from start to finish still takes about five days to complete with curing times included. Multiple layers of glue and

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