Why Not?

So after a few weeks of just craziness, I sat myself down in my studio and created this. I’ve been having trouble lately letting go of things. Whether they are percieved slights (or imagined), crappy drivers, interactions with mean people, etc. Holding on to toxic thoughts and feelings plays merry hell with the creativity. Nothing you make turns out, (even after you let it rest for a night), techniques that have always worked for you, stop working and so on. My husband gave me a new mantra: Why not? Instead of finding reasons not to do something based on what

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Fun stuff I found!

So I recently opened an Etsy shop! It’s been alot of fun getting all that together and just so. For those who are bead and shiny things addicts, like myself, this weekend starts the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show! So excited I can’t even tell you! I found these guys today and I can’t wait to make beautiful things with them! FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

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An epiphany

I was on a couple of mental health days recently and during that time I played a game of $1/$2 limit Texas Hold ’em. I sat at the last empty seat across from a man wearing a fur duster and a giant black hat. Mother of pearl buttons….you get the idea. I’d say he was maybe 26 or so. Old enough to know about manners at least. I sat through about eleven hands before I got something worth playing. I played the hand and won. At this point BBH (Big black hat) says something he probably thought was witty and

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