Onward and upward!

I work on my Etsy site almost everyday, in between creating new product, R&D, trial and error, and doing life stuff and housework. After doing much research (and taking notes through several kinda boring webinars) I’ve decided that I’m going to move my OOAK pieces over to this site, my awesome new blog.

Hopefully, this will do a few things. One, it should encourage me to write more posts. Two, it should give me an easier way for my customers to interact with me and my creations. Third, my stuff won’t get buried under thousands of other peoples stuff.

All this being said, this is a work in progress and things may be a bit wonky for a few.

Now, I just have to figure out how to get people who don’t know about the beautiful and interesting stuff I create, to come by and visit my website…..

In other news…….Phoenix Comic Con is coming up in a few weeks! So excited! We have two Artist Alley table this year, so we can do things a bit differently and add more room for more of ┬áJonathan’s prints. Lots of new designs all across the board. New jewelry, new Art tins, new Bottle Cap pins! Hell, I even started making flasks! Here’s one:


She’s almost done. Just a few finishing touches and a seal, and she’s good to go!

So as the title says, “Onward and Upward”! I’m so excited!.


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