Face Hugs are the Best Hugs!

We are big fans of buttons….I mean really. We love making them. We are also huge geeks. Put those two together and you get some really cool wearable fandom things happening. We have been making several button sets and the first one went up today. A new set will be posted on our Etsy site everyday! If you have something geeky or a random fandom (heh.) you’d like to see, let us know! We’ll see what we can make happen.   FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

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Lots of exciting stuff happening!

So, tomorrow is the road trip to Wizard World Las Vegas Comic Con! This will be our first “Corporate Con” sort to speak. So very excited! We have been very busy making all kinds of new pieces and prints to bring! Like these Alice in Wonderland, and old woodcut resin pendants I’ve made: And these new upcycled bottle cap pins! These are just some of the new things that we will be debuting at Wizard World Las Vegas this weekend! If you’re in Vegas this weekend, come by and see us! We’re at booth B2 in Artist Alley! We’ve also

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Getting ready for Phoenix Fan Fest!

WOOHOO! One of my favorite things to do after a show or a Comicon is to make more stuff to replace all that I sold. Sometimes I have a couple of months to do it, sometimes I only have a couple of weeks. This time, I only have a couple of weeks. I had a couple of requests from customers for specific items and featured creatures. So I’ve done my best within the timeframe I had to make that happen. I find it really rewarding to see how my technique evolves along with my knowledge of color and how to

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Legos as tools!

Seriously! At my house, we are Lego nuts. The amount of Legos we have been carting around for years is almost obscene….almost. I have several focal pieces that I’ve been holding on to for a while. The problem with this is that I have one sterling silver mermaid, one river jade carved moth, one vintage lion head belt “buckle”, you get the idea. I really want to make jewelry out of them, but I don’t want to get rid of the original. Once I use it, it’s gone. My husband, who is a genius, came up an idea to make push molds made

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Good Times at the Tucson Comic Con

Last weekend, we had an artist’s alley table at the Tucson Comic Con. Not only did we get to hang out with some really cool people (Yvonne and Rachel at stitchmeupgood.com, Ravyn at crescentcanines.com, Lisa at manaoverdose.etsy.com, Emma at em2astudios.com (Thanks Emma for the sandworm decal!) ) and Daniel and Dawna at steamcrow.com, we saw incredible cosplayers, and met some all round great people!         Mike Olivares and his crew put on a stellar Comic Con! *Insert cartoonish old lady voice here* I remember going to one of the first Tucson Comic Cons and It was 2 ballrooms

Boredom from repetition in 3…2…1…

I don’t know if it’s my short attention span, or the fact that I was blessed with very little patience, but I find myself three quarters of the way done with a project, getting down to the finishing bits, and I find myself becoming frustrated and even a little bored completing the pieces that just a couple of days before made me very happy. I’ve streamlined my process with the clay pieces that I’m working on now, but a single piece from start to finish still takes about five days to complete with curing times included. Multiple layers of glue and

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Adventures in Silver

From the time I can remember, silver has been a big part of my life. I’m not talking money, I’m talking jewelry. My mother was very fond of silver and turquoise jewelry. Actually silver set with any blue stone, green stone, coral, or any combination there of. I always liked the organic designs that were incorporated into her rings. I was about ten years old when I decided to help my Mom and clean one of her rings that I thought was dirty. Little did I know that the darkened areas in the veins of the leaves and around the embellishments

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Never trust a skinny chef.

I always thought this phrase made sense even though it is a bit obnoxious. Personally I feel that the same could be said for an artist’s or crafter’s workspace. I find that even though I seem to work better in a state of organized chaos, it does get out of hand occasionally. See below: I’ve been working on about ten or so various pieces for the last month. When I say pieces, a few of them have more than one component that needs to be made, covered, sealed, painted, polished at any given time. In addition to that, there are

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Comicon was AWESOME!

Wow! What a weekend! Not only did we get to get our geek on, but we got to meet tons of other artists, Cosplayers, and just all round great people. Like these guys: I have some more that I will post tomorrow! I will however leave you with this: Sleep tight!     FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

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I’m, like, freaking out man!

So I have about seven days left to actually finish making product for the Phoenix Comicon. I’m pretty much on schedule. Tuesday is the drop dead date. After Tuesday its all carefully packing and logistics for the booth. YAY! Does anyone else get the “You’ve totally forgotten something” or “They are all going to hate your stuff” or my personal favorite, “It’s all shit, and you are a big fake.” I know its all a mindf*ck, and the voices have gotten a wee bit quieter as of late but they are still there. ANYWAY! We will be at the Phoenix

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Why Not?

So after a few weeks of just craziness, I sat myself down in my studio and created this. I’ve been having trouble lately letting go of things. Whether they are percieved slights (or imagined), crappy drivers, interactions with mean people, etc. Holding on to toxic thoughts and feelings plays merry hell with the creativity. Nothing you make turns out, (even after you let it rest for a night), techniques that have always worked for you, stop working and so on. My husband gave me a new mantra: Why not? Instead of finding reasons not to do something based on what

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Fun stuff I found!

So I recently opened an Etsy shop! It’s been alot of fun getting all that together and just so. For those who are bead and shiny things addicts, like myself, this weekend starts the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show! So excited I can’t even tell you! I found these guys today and I can’t wait to make beautiful things with them! FacebookTwitterGoogle+BufferPin ItEmail

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