Art Tins

Tins to stash your wee things and treasures; vitamins, medicines, candy, pins, change, oh sh*t kit, jewelry, or make-up.

I like to think of these hinged metal boxes as smaller versions of my larger Art Boxes.
I repurpose old candy tins, almond tins and the like. Occasionally I’ll source slider top tins and such.
I prepare the tins by sanding off any logos, using polymer clay to cover any embossed logos, primer and paint each tin.
I curate artwork for each box; whether its from my own (rather ridiculous) collection of rubber stamps; modified for size, or ephemera that I’ve found.

I stamp or print on recycled paper. I ink everything in a way I find interesting. I decoupage these images onto decorative art papers then adhere the whole piece to the tin.

After the adhesives have dried, I seal the outside of the tin.
Each one is unique.

Custom requests and commissions are available.
Custom pieces usually take 7-10 days production time.
Please contact me for information and timelines.

Please do not use harsh cleaners on the tins as it may damage the finish.

Large side hinged boxes measure 3 5/8″ t x 2 5/16″ w  x  7/8″d
Tall top hinged boxes measure 3 1/2″ t  x  2 3/8″ w  x 7/8″ d
Medium side hinged boxes measure 2-3/4″ l  x 2″ w  x 3/4″ d
Small side hinged boxes measure  2-3/8″ l  x 1- 9/16″ w  x 3/4″ d
Small slider top boxes measure 2″ l x  1″ w x 3/8″ d

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