About Us

WeeGonza Bazaar is a maker of fine, handmade arts, crafts, and jewelry. Located in Tucson, Arizona, the company is the passion of Kerrie Gimmler, who, after years of retail  service and management, left her last job to become her own boss making and selling the art, jewelry, and crafts she loves. Her husband of 14 years, Jonathan, helps with marketing and advertising and helps provide buttons, decorative prop guns, and prints for sale at comic conventions and art fairs all over the country.

Our style, together, is more streamlined. We both like to imagine things like natural history museums, classic scientific illustrations, classic sideshow freaks and geeks, dark carnivals, shows like Addam’s Family, Carnivale, Dark Shadows, and the list goes on and on. It’s that aged look. The fascination is to impose that vintage, aged look on modern ideals. Alternately steampunk, modern, and vintage, yet more elusive, creating a unique, timeless aesthetic, our styles have continued to develop both together and apart. We collaborate on many projects as well as work on our own new skills and techniques. We learn from each other.

Both Kerrie and Jonathan have recently started learning some new lapidary and fine jewelry techniques through the Old Pueblo Lapidary Club. Lost wax casting, faceting, making cabochons on a stone grinder, silversmithing and more are new techniques both are eager to explore further to start crafting new and fascinating curiosities for you to admire.

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