(Doctor) Who are you




A wearable homage to one of our favorite Dr. Who episodes!

I was pretty freaked out after watching “Gridlock” (Season 3, Episode 3). Not only the thought of being forever locked up in a traffic jam, living your entire life in your car never being able to leave…..*shudder*……not to mention being able to slap a sticker on your skin and instantly change your mood…….anyway, we thought these would be fun to make.

There are: Sleep, Honesty, Happiness, Forget, and Bliss. Also to complete the set is “Angels have the Phone box”. Which is a horrifying thought in and of itself.

Buttons are 1 3/4 inches.

Please see the variations list for single buttons or to purchase the entire set.


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Doctor Who Buttons

Happiness, Sleep, Honesty, Bliss, Forget, Angels have the Phone Box, DoctorWhoSet


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