Ever had one of those months?

Or more to the point, several of “those” months in a row? Well I’m here to tell you that sometimes it’s a struggle to get through it.

I’ve found through the love and support of a significant other (be it partner, spouse or just a good friend), and sheer stubbornness, one can muddle through.  And I was always told that being stubborn was a bad thing.

Without going into too much detail, I’ll say this: If you know someone who is a caregiver, especially when they take care of someone with dementia, give them a big hug…..they probably could use it. Got a few minutes? Stop by and say hello to them; ask if you can bring them something. Take a few minutes and just listen to them bitch, cry, or just talk. It will make all the difference in the world to them. Trust me.

On to more exciting things! I have been able to do a few shows. January was Retro City Con and the Tempe Library Fan Con. February I joined some other local artists here in Tucson to do The Tucson Flea that happens in different places every month or so. March was San Diego Rocket Con and Gila Valley Comic Con. May was ZapCon and Phoenix Fan Fusion. Now we’re into June and I was able to exhibit my art and needful things at the Las Vegas Artists Guild Art Expo . I also got to participate in Sinister Creature Con in Sacramento, with three of my friends! We packed up our vehicles and drove to Sacramento! That was a gas! Here are some of the photos from that trip and other shows this year:

Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019:

Sinister Creature Con June 2019:

Now for the big announcement! Every month there will be a drawing for a $15 dollar gift code that can be used for any purchase of $30 or more in our Etsy shop! 

On the first (or as close as possible to the first) of the month, a name will be drawn from our mailing list. The winner will be sent a code via email that can be used in our online shop, or in person at a pop up show! 

We also hope to have gift certificates available for purchase starting in August! 

Our summer/fall schedule is starting to shape up! Here’s where we’ll be so far with more dates to be announced!:

July 11th, 2019: The Tucson FleaHotel Congress, Tucson AZ

August 10th & 11th, 2019: Game On Expo, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix AZ

October 12th & 13th, 2019: Sinister Creature Con, Scottish Rite Center, Sacramento CA

More dates are TBA!

I’ve got new art boxes, tins, and slider boxes I’m working on right now; also a few new jewelry pieces. Stay tuned for work in progress photos, event announcements, and winner announcements!

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Thanks for sticking with us!

Kerrie & Jonathan

Reid Park coming up this weekend!

The holidays are a really exciting time for me creatively speaking. We have shows booked every weekend through the end of the year and I really put a lot of pressure on myself to have new pieces for every show.

I have to thank my old boss Kaia for showing me how to work well with a strict deadline.

She would be at work before the sun came up and I’d show up I don’t know, 6:30 AM or so. She would’ve walked the entire bookstore figuring out what had to be done that day. Then she would come up with a list for me. She would bet me that I couldn’t get everything on that list done by the end of my shift. So I set out every morning with that list and a challenge to myself to get everything on her list done so she didn’t have to worry about it. She was my friend as well as my boss, and I enjoyed doing things for her. So instead of going someplace and having somebody give me a list, I make my own “Kaia” list every morning (or the night before depending on how crazy things are) and challenge myself to get it done by the end my “shift”. The only differences are that now my shift is 10 to 14 hours instead of eight, the list tends to be longer, and I don’t get paid for just showing up.

We’ve been working really really hard these last couple of weeks and have come up with some really beautiful new pieces.

And, not only are we bringing everything we’ve made to all of our shows now but we are also making a concerted effort to add every single box and tin to our Etsy site, making them available online as well as in person!

This is the latest going up on Etsy today:

Check out the new promo video for The Lady in Red. Thanks Jonathan Ziegler at Techno Obscura!

This is the next piece going up on Etsy today!



We’re going full steam ahead for the holiday season and beyond! Check out our schedule:

More dates coming soon!


Would you like to see us? Check out upcoming events.

It’s been a busy summer for us and it’s shaping up for a really busy fall!

I realize that it’s already fall in other areas of the country, but here in the desert, it still feels like summer!

Our next event is the Thieves’ Market in Tempe!

  • Saturday November 4th
  • 1500 N. McClintock (Big Surf Waterpark)
  • Early bird open at 8am ($6), general, opens at 9am ($3)

Come by and find beautiful and unique gifts all the folks on your list!

Fancy Lady Art Box.
Jabberwocky Art Box
All kinds of earrings!
Art tins!