Terrifying Clowns and Magnolias the size of dinner plates.

Holy Cow! It’s been crazy the last several weeks!

At the end of May we did Phoenix Comic Fest now Phoenix Fan Fusion. Say what you want, but we always have a great time! Lots of people to talk to and make stuff for. I think it’s a well organized Con. You can actually talk to someone face to face if you have a problem. They are friendly, professional, and very approachable.  

Didn’t get a chance to take many photos, but we did get to snap one before we opened of our new Artist Alley set up (when space permits). It worked out fairly well, I just have to figure out how to let people know that I want them to come in without telling them. It’s a work in progress.

The only downside to doing an enormous con like this is that there are so many people to talk to, sometimes you don’t pay as much attention as you should, and a piece of your art walks away. It’s the cost of doing business, folks are going to steal for whatever reason, you just have to try to be positive about it. I’ve learned to tell myself “Well, it was cool enough to steal.” Seriously, there’s nothing you can do about it really if you don’t see it happen (Gods forbid I SEE anyone stealing from us). 

All that being said, someone stole one of my husband’s art dolls that he makes by hand. One of these sweet little guys:

I’m used to having earrings, or a necklace, even a tin being stolen every now and again, but you stole something my husband made. By hand. That he designed. From his heart. That he loved. Not to mention the sale of which would have put food on our table. 

He was heartbroken. He said “I hope he went to a good home.” I was fucking furious. To. Say. The. Least.  I kinda showed my ass on social media, but I don’t care. It made him so sad that he “lost” one. I yelled a bit, probably dropped a few f bombs in front of customers. So, if you were anywhere near our table in Artist Alley and had to listen to me go off, I apologize. XD

Other than that it was an AWESOME show! We were lucky enough to be next to my friend Sue at Alikat Designs! We got to BS all weekend and there was much merriment, and winnings of bets 😉

After Phoenix Comic Fest, I had about a week and a half to make more art for Sinister Creature Con in Sacramento California. It was my first horror con. It was also my first show by myself.  The other half of WGB had a wedding shoot in the mountains that weekend. Which wasn’t bad because this half of WGB is absolutely and completely terrified of heights. Like ugly cry terrified.

So, myself and two of my very talented friends, Shawn at 3Quarter Moon Creative and JT at Left Hand Asylum packed my van with our art and I drove our asses from Tucson to Sacramento. 

I love road trips. Like seriously love them. Some of my best childhood memories are of road trips with my family. So, when my friends told me, about 6 hours outside of Sacramento, that they didn’t understand how I could drive long haul like I was doing. I couldn’t really explain. Except to say that  long distance driving for me is a physical and emotional pleasure. Everything looks different moment to moment, and you have to pay attention or you’ll miss something. I enjoy that kind of focus so I can let my subconscious chew on whatever it needs too. It’s kind of liberating. I dunno, it cleans my brain.

So we get to town, check into our hotel, got groceries, ate and went to bed. We woke up butt-early and got to the venue at 6am. Our desert eyes were blinded by the varied shades and hues of green. We drove over a river. A river with water in it. We lost our collective shit. It was a beautiful ride in.

We get out of the van and are smacked in the face with the beautiful scent of magnolias.  The blooms were the size of dinner plates.

The people at Sinister Creature Con have a tight, well run ship. Seriously. Check in and Load in was a breeze. The Main Vendor Hall ( I didn’t get to see the 2nd Vendor Room till the end) was well laid out. Tables spaces were ROOMY! It was really nice.

I set up my table and arranged my wares:

The attendees are the nicest bunch of humans as I’ve come across in a long time. I do a lot of Cons, Street Fairs and the like. People in general are nice, friendly even. These people were super nice, interesting and interested. It was a really cool group of people.

It was kind of mind blowing with the CosPlayers that were terrifying. Here are some of the scariest clowns I’ve ever scene in my life (I hate clowns) but the sweetest people were under the masks and make up.


I’ve seen body painting tutorials online and such. I’ve never gotten to see it live and on a person right in front of me. These two are well painted for sure!


I think that Sinister had the highest percentage of CosPlayers I’ve ever seen at a Con. I only had time to snap a few others.


We drove back Monday morning and for some reason it took longer to get back. Oh, yeah….we hit the beginning of rush hour:

It gave us lots of time to discuss strategies for next time! October we’ll be heading back to Sinister Creature Con! WOOT!

The day after we got back I cleaned my studio, and started on a project that I’ve needed to sit down and do for months; update my Etsy Store and web store. I haven’t added any listings in forever, and I’m going to have to work my ass off to get my old customers interested again and snagging the attention of new ones. I’m up to the challenge.

Keep checking my Etsy site and the WGB Store here every few days! They’ll be new pieces every couple of days!


I think we’ll be heading to Vegas for a couple of days in July to check out gallery space and possible consignment venues. Most of July is dedicated to making the items you see in our pop up shop, available online. 

In August we have Game On Expo August 10-12, at the Phoenix Convention Center. You can shop and play FREE PINBALL and arcade and console games as well. You had me at pinball, baby. And we have CoKoCon August 30-September 3rd at The Doubletree by Hilton Phoenix North.

In September, we’ll be at Vegas Fan Fusion, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 28-30.

More dates, photos and art coming soon! 

Thanks for having us!

Kerrie and Jonathan



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