Thank you Carlsbad! And an answer to the big question.

This past weekend we did the Carlsbad Village Faire. We had a gas! Everyone was super friendly and really interested in our art. We talked to so many folks that we went though our entire stash of water! 

The big question I get is “Is all this available in your online shop?” The short answer is yes. The more involved answer is mostly. We’re investing the small window of time we have between now and Phoenix Comic Fest to load our online shop here at with everything you see in person at our pop up shop. It’s taking some time, but we’ll get it. Suffice to say for now, if you’ve seen something in person, but can’t locate it in our online shop, just email us and we’ll get it to you. We hope to have everything available by the middle of June. 

Speaking of events, we’ve got a few coming up!

More dates TBA!

Thanks for reading!

Kerrie & Jonathan

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